Extracurricular - Volunteering

Our students have been involved in major volunteering projects over the years.

Over the years Cardiff High School has been involved in excellent volunteering programs. More recently students from year 7, 8, 9 and 10 donated their sports time to volunteering in their community.

Their projects started from a TTT forum where students in year 10 represented our school at the Speers Point Council Chambers along with others Primary and high school Students in the Lake Macquarie area. The Students participated in workshops to identify the Time, Treasures and Talents in Cardiff High school and the wider community. Cardiff High Students then brought these ideas back to the volunteering group and discussed how they as a group could make this work into our volunteering program.

The group decided in liaison with Garden Suburb Primary School’s principal and teachers that the group would participate in a reading program and art mural project with the students at Garden Suburb Primary.

After two terms of actively participating in this program the volunteers from our high school had improved the reading level of the children by 15% and completed an art mural while helping assist the children in a fun rewarding way.

Students also during this volunteering time went to the Garden Suburb Nursing home to learn about the resistants stories and assist them in nail painting, pancake making, bingo, and reading newspaper headlines and craft activities. Many of the students came away feeling warmed, welcomed and appreciated by the elderly people who shared their stories of the pass.

After completing this program Students from year 8,9,10 presented our schools project at the Newcastle TAFE to Schools from Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

They stated during the presentation that:

“The group learnt how to communicate with children and participate in groups”.

“We faced misbehaving children but faced this problem by changing groups and contacting the teacher.” 

“We made new friends with the students who participating in the mural and reading program.” 

“We learnt that these projects made us connect with our wider community.” 

“These projects allowed young children and high school students to able to see the outcome and reward of working in groups and sticking together.”

Blood Bank- Students over the age of 16 have the opportunity to donate blood. The Red Cross runs a shuttle service from Cardiff to the blood bank in Newcastle. We have be acknowledged on several occasions for our commitment through the winning of the” Vampire Cup” for most number of blood donations