Extracurricular - GATS

Cardiff High School – Gift and Talented Special Interest Project 2018

Cardiff High School aims to identify gifted and talented students and maximize their learning outcomes, both in the classroom, across all subject areas and through involvement in extra curricular activities. As part of our Gifted and Talented focus students from Years 7-10 are invited to participate in the Cardiff High School GATS Special Interest Project. This consists of the production of a high quality research project as well as delivering a presentation to parents, community leaders and feeder primary schools.

Students are allocated a teacher mentor yet they are responsible for the way in which they approach, research and deliver the task. The project can be completed individually or as part of a small group and the medium by which students choose to deliver their project allows them to explore areas of expertise and interest which include; film, drama, role play, visual representation, Power Point or music and performance just to name a few.

In 2018 we have students taking part in the extra curricular program. The students will deliver their projects on one of two GATS Presentation evenings planned in Term 3: Year 7 & 9 students will present on Monday, July 22, 7pm and Years 8 & 10 : Term 3, Monday, July 29, 7pm.

Students are also encouraged to participate in external examinations. Five Yr 12 students are invited each year to participate in the Regional High Achievers Camp.

Yr 7 GATS class is determined through recommendation from partner primary schools and testing. This test usually takes place during August.