Faculties - Aboriginal Education

The Aboriginal Education faculty consists of Mr Darryl French (Aboriginal Education Officer), Mrs Kristy Faulkner (Norta Norta Senior). Our Aboriginal Education faculty members are available to assist indigenous students in the classroom or on an individual basis with assessment work and tutoring.

The Junior AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group) was created, supporting student input into school activities and planing processes.

Term 3 and 4 has been really busy for our Aboriginal Unit with the following activities.


Year 12 Aboriginal Graduation Dinner
Our annual graduation for Year 12 Aboriginal students was held on Wednesday 21 September 2016. The dinner was held at Yamuloong for the graduates Kodi Collis, Saskia Ridgeway,Emily Griffin,Olivia Smith and Tyrone Thaidy. They celebrated their success with their families and friends, teachers and special guests. It was a great night and wish the graduates all the very best for the future.
2016 Aboriginal Graduates
Personal Learning Program (PLPs)

­All the information on the PLPs has been sent out to Parents/Caregivers offering times and dates for interviews. As yet the response is slow but we have interviewed some parents and students. Please contact the school to update your child’s PLPs.

Learning and Culture Program (Yarnteen College)

A Learning and Culture Program will be conducted by Yarnteen College and co-ordinated and delivered by Richard Faulkner. The program will commence in Term 4. The program offers;

·         Educational Support
·         Career Guidance
·         Cultural Activities
·         Presentation about opportunities for Indigenous Kids
·         Mentoring
·         Parent and Community Workshops

The program will be delivered at Yamuloong every Monday afternoon. This is a great opportunity for students to complete homework and assignments with assistance from qualified high school and primary school teachers, as well as be involved with cultural activities such as language and dance.

Please contact Richard Faulkner from Yarnteen on 0488 456 747 for more information.


Bro-Speak and Sista-Speak Programs

The Bro and Sista Speak program has been running during Term 4. It is a program for our Aboriginal students to obtain information on all areas of life. Health,wealth and culture have been the main issues discussed. The Bro Speak participants have been busy in the Yarning Circle and also had a trip to Merewether baths to gain skills in swimming.

The Sista Speak participants have worked closely with our feeder schools, Cardiff, Cardiff South, Hillsborough and Garden Suburbs Public Schools. The Sista Speak students at these schools have combined and made friendships and goals together. The group met 3 times at Yamuloong in Garden Suburbs and absorbed their culture through language and dance. The high school students were happy to be peer leaders for the younger 'sistas'. We will be holding a celebration day for all Cardiff Community of Schools participants at Cardiff High on Wednesday 7 December 2016. 



 Both groups of Bro and Sista Speak will be attending a cultural camp at Wollombi Camp and Wet n Wild Sydney on the 1 and 2 December 2016. The trip will include visiting cultural site of significance to the Aboriginal people in Wollombi as well as a yarn up during the night. The group will then travel to SYdney for a fun day at Wet n Wild. The excursion is in conjunction with Yarnteen College's Learning and Cultural Program. We are thankful to Richard Faulkner for his interaction again this year and the learning and cultural program at our school.


Yarning Circle

Our Yarning circle is in full progress. Our Bro/Sista Speak participants have been very busy working hard with Uncle Darryl, Mr Paul Myers and Kristy to bring the area to life. It will be an area for our community to gather and use on all occassions. The Yarning Circle will be a place for the whole school to use as an outdoor learning area. 





Naidoc Week Celebrations

Our Naido week was a great success this year. We had community members, Linda Boney, Christine Hooper, Cherie Johnston and Richard Faulkner attend. Year 7 students were involved in a cultural immersion with activities such as artwork, weaving and dancing. Local talent Sharnee Kelly performed at our assembly and our Aboriginal dance group performed with some very cute additions. Year 10 were involved in a forum to discuss whether issues containing some facts and myths about Aboriginal people. Students and teachers both agreed the forum was very successful. The whole school was included in an ochre day. Many students and teachers were 'painted up' with ochre which enhanced the school with the Aboriginal culture. All agreed the week was very successful and hope to improve the week again next year with bigger and better activities for the whole school.