Faculties - English

English is a mandatory subject undertaken by every student at Cardiff High. The course is delivered by six key English Staff and Head Teacher, Ms. Michelle Sloan. The 7 – 10 English programs give our students the opportunity to enhance their skills in areas such as: public speaking, writing styles, film creation, media study, drama and poetry. The 7 – 10 curriculum meets the requirements of the new NSW syllabus incorporating the Australian Curriculum components and offers students a range of experiences in novel study, poetry, media and film development, voice and writing. The English course includes extension and enrichment work for talented students of English as well as working to consolidate literacy skills for those requiring assistance in this area.

The school offers the full breadth of HSC courses including Extension One and Extension Two, as well as English Studies. More information for the following courses can be found in the Curriculum Stage 6 Booklet for Cardiff High:

  • HSC English Studies
  • HSC Standard
  • HSC Advanced
  • HSC Extension One
  • HSC Extension Two






Lasted Updated: 16 February 2018