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Homestay visits - What an amazing experience!

Each year Tanagura Junior High School, Lake Macquarie City Council’s sister school in Japan, visits Cardiff High School. The relationship between the two schools has been long-standing and Cardiff High School treasures this connection with our sister school.

The students and teachers of Tanagura Junior High School are involved in various activities and are provided with a wonderful introduction to Australian life and culture each year. The students of Cardiff High School also learn about Japanese culture and language, whilst making great friends with the students staying with them. The kindness and generosity of the host families make the trip memorable for our Japanese students and teachers.

The visits from Tanagura Junior High School promote Japanese language learning, cultural understanding and a chance for our students to make many friends and fond memories. The students are welcomed into our school and our students enjoy using the Japanese they have learnt in the classroom. The Japanese students enjoy a variety of activities whilst at school, including playing Aboriginal games, cooking ANZAC biscuits, participating in Japanese and ESL lessons, music lessons, interacting with our students who are studying Japanese, creating boomerangs and painting them. The excursions to ten pin bowling and dolphin watching prove to be enjoyable for our students and the Japanese students. Each year, our host families provide a variety of activities and welcome our guests into their homes, making them feel like part of their family. The students from Tanagura High School have such a wonderful time that they always state they don’t want to leave their newfound friends.

We look forward to continued visits from Tanagura Junior High School. Tanoshii desu!

Melanie Hunter
Japanese Teacher

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Activities at school

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Ten pin bowling!

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Dolphin watching in Nelson Bay

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Last Updated: 21 March 2017