Faculties - HSIE

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) is a dynamic Key Learning Area that provides a mix of mandatory and elective subjects across Years 7 to 12 at Cardiff High School. It provides students with the opportunity to explore human actions in a range of historical contexts, to explain patterns, evaluate consequences and contribute to the management of physical, social, cultural and built environments and encourages students to develop understanding of motivation, causation, consequence and empathy.

Geography and History are delivered to all students in Stage 4 and 5 as well as a mix of elective subjects including Commerce, Travel, Mysteries in History and Work Education. Students undertaking their HSC are offered a diverse selection of specialised courses, including:

  • Ancient History
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Retail Operations
  • Society and Culture
  • Work Studies

The HSIE staff at Cardiff High School are a solid team with blend of energetic, innovative, knowledgeable and highly experienced educators. The 2015 team includes the History team of Deborah Cairns, Erin Carroll, Danielle Lingard and Shanelle Muller, Careers Advisor Meagan Soley, and Social Scientists Carolyn Gibson, Robyn Hillier, David Sowden, Andrew Snowden (HT) and Steve Trayhurn (DP). Students are provided with opportunities to support their subject knowledge with fieldwork and site studies as well as participation in senior study days. The faculty use a diverse range of technologies to deliver their lessons and each HSIE room has a Smart Board or a data projector / multimedia system to support lesson delivery. HSIE is all about understanding our world, its past, our present and what we can do to shape a better future.