Faculties - CAPA

The CAPA faculty at Cardiff High School has a long and proud tradition; it plays an important part in whole school life. Cardiff High has produced a long line of talented artists and musicians, many of whom have gone on to be professionals in their respective disciplines. Many of these gifted individuals give their time to support the department and continue to be involved with the school in study days, H.S.C. preparations and significant whole school activities such as MADD Night and Music Night.

Students in the Creative and Performing Arts at Cardiff High undertake a wide variety of experiences under the guidance of an experienced and very capable staff with a long record of educational success in their respective disciplines. Mandatory studies in Year 7 and 8 develop skills in students to allow them to successfully transition into elective courses commencing in Year 9. The CAPA department enjoys strong elective numbers from Year 9 through to Year 12 in all areas and has been a very strong performer at the H.S.C.

The Cardiff High School year contains numerous performances and presentations at which the department participates with distinction. The two major CAPA events on the annual calendar are MADD Night and Music Night.

MADD Night – held in early August each year showcases the wide variety of creative and performing arts talent at our school. The night is built around a large concert with music and dance items and drama acts. The hall contains a significant art exhibition: sculpture, painting, drawing and also includes short films. There is an emphasis on excellence and the highest possible levels of artistic delivery.

Music Night – held in late November each year concentrates on showcasing the specific talents of our musicians with an emphasis on developing talent. Music Night also traditionally features a guest artist in a significant role who works with the students on the development of their performances.

Through the delivery of innovative classroom programs, extra-curricular activities and numerous performance and exhibition events offered, Cardiff High students are constantly encouraged and challenged to achieve to their potential in the CAPA department’s quest for our motto:

Excellence, Opportunities and Success.