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At Cardiff High School Japanese is taught by Mrs Melanie Hunter, who is very passionate about her subject area and enjoys teaching students the culture and language of Japan.

There are many opportunities for students, at Cardiff High School, to immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture. Learning Japanese, students acquire communication skills, increase their English skills, team-work skills, open mindedness, cultural awareness and confidence. Cardiff High School’s relationship with Tanagura Junior High School is long standing and provides students extraordinary opportunities.

Japanese is studied as a mandatory 100 hour course in Grade 7. In Grade 7 students are introduced to the uniqueness and beauty of the Japanese culture. Whilst learning about the culture they are introduced to the language. They learn how to read and write the hiragana script, some kanji characters and to communicate on a basic level. The main topics of the Stage 4 Course include self-introductions, family, pets, food, colours and sports.

Japanese Class 1
Japanese Class 2  Japanese Class 3


Grade 7 Obento Incursion

As students progress in their language learning they have the opportunity to study the Japanese Culture and Japanese Folk Tales, Legends and Anime course in Grade 8.
This is in the form of a mini-elective.

Japanese Class 5

Japanese Class 4
Japanese Class 7 Japanese Class 6

In Grades 9 and 10 there is an elective Japanese course which provides students with excellent language skills, followed by Grades 11 and 12 Japanese Continuers, which further enhances their fluency. Senior students who have not studied Japanese in Grades 9 or 10 also have the option to study the Japanese Beginners Course, which is an excellent introduction into the culture and language of Japan.

Learning a language proves to be a lot of fun and along with the enjoyment of language learning students acquire knowledge of their own language, whilst increasing their communication skills. Learning about other cultures increases students’ acceptance and awareness of other ways of life. There is also an option to visit Japan. The school has in the past visited Japan every three years on a school trip and visits our sister-school Tanagura Junior High School. Each year Tanagura Junior High School visit Cardiff High School. Thanks to the Cardiff High School community, this sister-school program has been long lasting. Students who study Japanese have the opportunity to host a Japanese student. The recent Study Tour in April 2016 proved to be a wonderful experience for all involved.

If students study the Stage 5 course they have the option of studying Continuers Japanese for the HSC. They will be able to converse in Japanese!

Skype Lessons with Tanagura Junior High School

Students in grades 7-12 not only have the opportunity to host a Japanese exchange student, they also have the opportunity to Skype students from our sister school in Japan. Cardiff High School Students use their Japanese conversation skills, asking Tanagura Junior High School students basic questions, whilst the students from Tanagura Junior High School use their English speaking skills. Students have fun whilst gaining confidence in their language ability.  

Japanese Class 8 Japanese Class 9


STAGE 5 Japanese Elective Class

Students in grades 9 and 10 continue their language learning and intercultural understanding. Students explore a range of topics, including birthdays, clothing, shopping, weather, hobbies, food, increase their Japanese script writing and conversational skills.

Students are also provided with cultural experiences. In 2016 students experienced a Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese calligraphy lesson with a local Japanese guest.

Japanese Class 10 Japanese Class11
Tea Ceremony
End of year celebrations. Hiragana cookies made by student,
Courtney Wiltshire


Excursion to the Japan Foundation

Excursions are run for elective classes. The Grade 9/10 elective class spent the day in Sydney at the Japan Foundation where they immerse themselves in the Japanese culture and enjoyed lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant.  

Japanese Class 15 Japanese Class 13


STAGE 6 Japanese

The Japanese Beginners Course immerses students in the Japanese language and culture, providing them with excellent opportunities for their future. The topics studied include Greetings and Introductions, friends, hobbies, Japanese homes, daily life, transport, shopping, eating out, school, careers and sightseeing. Students are able to converse in Japanese and gain a range of knowledge of Japanese customs.

Grade 11Japanese Beginners Excursion

Cultural experiences are important for language students. In Grade 11, the Japanese beginners class went on an excursion to Sydney. The students discussed Japanese festivals at the Japan Foundation, conversed in Japanese and wore yukata. They then enjoyed a delicious lunch at a popular Japanese restaurant. Tanoshikatta desu. It was a very enjoyable day. 


Asa-don – a local Japanese restaurant experience


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