Faculties - Home Economics

The Home Economics faculty offers a diverse range of courses aimed at developing creative, practical and problem solving skills in a co-operative environment and allows a pattern of study that is creative and current.

An extensive range of curriculum choices are offered as elective subjects in both the junior and senior school. All subjects are presented through the development of practical projects using technology; students develop hands-on skills using a range of tools and equipment to create projects that reflect their personal needs, creativity and design abilities while preparing them for life in a changing world. Students will develop thinking and working skills that are beneficial to both living and working environments.

Home Economics is designed to develop students' confidence, competence and responsibility in designing, producing and evaluating to meet needs and opportunities, and to understand the factors that contribute to success.

We are a team of passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated staff qualified, some with HSC Marking experience, to deliver a diverse field of subjects. We strive to maintain a consistent, fair and exciting classroom through relevant learning experiences. I encourage parents and students to speak to myself or other Home Economics staff about the opportunities available in technology education at our school.

Our courses include:

Mandatory Courses such as:

  •  Technology (mandatory) - Years 7 and 8

Food and Nutrition courses such as: 

  • World of Food - Year 8
  • Food Technology - Years 9 and 10
  • Hospitality (VET) – Café Fundamentals strand -
    Years 11 and 12
  • Food Technology - Years 11 and 12

Textile and Fashion courses such as:

  • World of Fashion - Year 8
  • Textiles Technology - Years 9 and 10
  • Textiles and Design - Years 11 and 12

Child and Family courses such as:

  • Child Studies – Year 9 and 10
  • Community and Family Studies – Year 11 and 12