Faculties - Sport

Sport is conducted every Wednesday afternoon during the school term. Each term, students from year 8 – 10 are given the opportunity to select from a wide variety of sports, ranging from activities at school through to group activities at external sporting venues. A fee will be incurred for both travel and venue expenses.  This must be paid when making a sport selection. Depending on the sport chosen, fees are paid per term or as a weekly payment.

Year 7 sport will consist of an Aquatic Program during Term 1 and a Multi-Sport Development Program during Term 2. Year 7 will be given the opportunity to choose a sport during Term 3 & 4.
Attendance at Sport
All students from Years 7 to 10 are expected to attend and participate in sports afternoons. Sport is a mandatory part of the school curriculum and is therefore a compulsory activity. Absences from sport are recorded in the official school records as partial absences, and are reflected in student reports.
Activities are provided for students who are injured and cannot participate in their normal sport. A note from a parent / carer needs to be provided to explain the circumstances. This must be given to the Sports Coordinator by Wednesday recess.
Wednesday afternoon sport time is not to be used for appointments. If there is a genuine need for medical treatment (or similar) on a Wednesday afternoon, students may be granted an early leavers pass by the Deputy Principal only if they have a signed note from a parent / carer .
Wet Weather
Cardiff High School Staff endeavour to get students as active as possible during the sport afternoon. If it is necessary for sport to be cancelled due to extreme weather, students will be catered for at school with alternate activities.
Sports Presentation and Awards
The sports department recognises the sporting achievements of students from Cardiff High School at a special Sports Presentation and award ceremony held at the end of each year.