Faculties - Sports Carnivals

Cardiff High School conducts 3 sports carnivals every year.

  • Swimming Carnival – Early Term 1
  • Cross Country Carnival – Late Term 1 or Early Term 2, dependent on Easter Holidays
  • Athletics Carnival – Middle of Term 2

All students are expected to attend and participate in the sports carnivals. Absences from sporting carnivals are recorded in the official school records as a full day absence, and are reflected in student reports.


Sporting Houses

Cardiff High School has four sporting Houses.
Students are divided into these houses based on the first letter of their surname for competitions at carnivals and competitions that are conducted throughout the year. Each house has two sports captains and two House Patrons (Staff Leaders).
In 1963 the names of the four sporting houses were chosen based upon the four symbols on the original school badge.
Each team name is from the local Awabakal dialect.



A - D

Fire Stick, symbolised by the “Lantern of Learning”. Symbolises warmth and light, is represented by the colour Red.

Lantern of Learning



E - L

Meaning “Tree of Knowledge”. Symbolises durability, strength and courage, is represented by the colour Green.

Tree of Knowledge



M - R

Message Stick, with its symbol the “Golden Book of Knowledge”. Is represented by the colour Gold.


Book of Knowledge



S - Z

A writing implement, symbolised by the “Stylus, implement of writing”, is represented by the colour Blue