Faculties - Technology

Cardiff High School Technology underpins our teaching and learning of the curriculum across all faculties and courses.

We offer programs offer students unsurpassed opportunities in Information and Communications Technology.

The school has excellent facilities including three networked computer laboratories, one of these being a Senior Information and Technology Computing Room which meets the Australian Standards for delivering VET ICT courses.

We also have a Library and Technology Centre which includes another PC Lab and facilities to run two wireless class spaces using the DER laptops.

We are well equipped with over twenty interactive whiteboards and a Connected Classroom for conferencing. We have wireless connection across the school and access to multiple computer learning spaces for multimedia, design, specialist subject requirements and music production.

A huge range of software is available including Microsoft Office for word processing, database and spreadsheet programs, the Adobe Suite of programs for desktop publishing, video editing, animation and computer-aided design.

The Internet is available to all the school's computers through wireless networking across the school.

Digital Education Revolution

The Digital Education Revolution – NSW Program is directed at Senior Secondary Students (Stages 5 and 6) and teachers providing wirelessly-enabled laptops. The aim of the program is to bring meaningful change to teaching and learning in Australian schools. To prepare students for success in the 21st century by engaging in rigorous and stimulating programs of learning within the classroom.

A Technical Support Officer (TSO), Mrs Copas, has been appointed to the CHS, who has the role of providing support for the DER NSW program.

CHS Hall

The Hall has wireless infrastructure installed as well as data projector, large presentation screen and computer controlled stage lighting

Interactive Whiteboard Technologies

Since 2006, Cardiff High School has committed to implementing Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) technologies throughout the school. Our first SMART board (IWB) was funded with the construction of the Information Technology Centre known as CR3 which was funded by the Commonwealth Government and built to Industry standards for delivery of the VET Framework Information and Digital Technology. With the further assistance of the P and C we have been able to install further Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) throughout the school. Our two newly refurbish Science Laboratories have IWB installed. All Faculties have close access to IWB. SMART Boards (IWB) have become an important strategy of lesson delivery resulting in higher levels of student engagement.

Connected Classroom Video Conferencing Suite

The Connected Classroom video conferencing suite allows students to interact with classes and resources in a range of locations across NSW through virtual excursions, competitions and online learning programs.

Cardiff High School has introduced Google Classroom as an e-learning management system which allows teachers to share digital learning materials and assessment items with students.

Staff Professional Learning

Cardiff High School has a strong commitment to extensive staff technology and training utilizing a range of school based and external industry providers. The Staff Common Room features a new IWB for training and presentation purposes.

This results in the development of innovative teaching strategies and resources across all key learning areas. It is important that students learn about, choose and use appropriate information and software technology and develop an informed awareness of its capacities, scope, limitations and implications. Technological competence in the rapidly evolving area of Information and Software Technology will require lifelong learning.

Last Updated: 21 February 2018