Payments & Excursions - Permission Notes

Current Permision Notes are available for download from the following list.

Please ensure that a Parent/Guardian signs all forms where indicated before handing into the school.

A copy of the Code of Behaviour and Privacy Policy for excursions is available here.

Year 11 Qudos Bank Arena

Tuesday 15 August Download
Permission note for students to participate in the safe driving excursion to Qudos Bank Arena Sydney.





Permission to Publish

Anytime Download
This form is to be completed when consent to publish student information changes.
New Medical Conditions
Anytime - Download
This form is to be completed if a student has a new medical
condition or taking medication that the school needs to be
aware of.
Student Information Update
Anytime - Download
If there has been a change of contact information for a student
and their family, this form is to be completed.