Our School - Bushfire Awareness

Our school has been identified as a school at increased risk if a bush fire were to break out on a day when a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is issued for our area.

To ensure the health, safety and welfare of students and staff, the NSW Department of Education has determined that on days when a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is issued for our area, the school will temporarily cease operations for the day(s) the rating is current and alternative learning arrangements will be put in place. This is based on information obtained through a bush fire assessment of our school arranged by the Department.
A Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating is likely to occur on a very small number of days during the bush fire season, if at all. The school will only receive notification of a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating after school hours the day before the forecast is issued. The school will relay this information to parents through our SMS messaging system and phone app.
An information leaflet has been created by the Department of Education for parents and is availble for download.
Up to date bush fire information is also be available from the Department's bush fire safety website. 
Last Updated: 6 March 2017