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Aerosols and Sprays - Download
Many students and staff at Cardiff High School suffer from asthma, and a number suffer from severe allergies and anaphylaxis. Aerosols, sprays and perfumes can act as triggers for people who suffer from these conditions, resulting in symptoms such as asthma attacks, headaches, including migraines, and in extreme cases, anaphylactic shock. In addition, aerosols can be dangerous as they contain flammable liquids and can also cause harm if inhaled.
For these reasons, aerosols and sprays are banned from school premises and all excursions, after school activites and sporting events.
Anti-Bullying Plan - Download
This plan outlines the processes for preventing and responding to student bullying in our school and reflects the Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Policy of the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities. Through consultation with the whole school community Cardiff High School has developed an Anti-bullying plan which includes protection, prevention, early intervention and response strategies for student bullying.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Download
Cardiff High School values the rich learning experiences that tightly integrated interactions with technology brings. The promotion and advancement of this integration is core to the school's educational philosophies. Our aim is to equip students with the skills that are needed to be citizens and thinkers of the future. By facilitating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Cardiff High School empowers its students and gives them direct involvement in the way they use their personal device in the classroom to enhance learning.
Enrolment Policy - Download
Cardiff High School draws its enrolments from the Cardiff, Garden Suburb, Hillsborough and Macquarie Hills Communities. The school makes a commitment to ensure local students are enrolled in a timely manner, supporting all of the student’s educational needs.
The school also considers enrolments from other public or non-government high schools. 
Junior Assessment and Homework Policy Download
Cardiff High School is focused on raising the academic outcomes and standards for students and preparing them for the challenges and rigours of HSC study in the senior school. The Junior Assessment and Homework Policy provides a framework for students, parents and staff to assist in the effective delivery and completion of assessable tasks and homework to a high standard.  
Personal Electronic Devices - Download
Cardiff High School understands that mobile phones are an important part of many young people’s daily lives and parents may require their children to have a phone for a variety of reasons including safety and ease of contact. When used appropriately in the school environment, mobile phones can be a useful learning tool. However, mobile phones have the potential to cause significant disruption to learning, safety and the efficient operation of the school. This policy outlines how mobile phones are to be used appropriately whilst at school. This policy refers to mobile phones, however, the term also incorporates the use of other electronic devices including, but not limited to, iPods, digital cameras and electronic games.
Uniform Policy  - Download
Cardiff High School is committed to maintaining a high standard of school uniform. All students are required to wear the complete school uniform (unless otherwise instructed).
Last Updated: 15 March 2017