Our School - Staff


Senior Executive


Mr G Erskine

Deputy Principal

Mr S Trayhurn

Deputy Principal

Mr A Robinson

Year Advisors

Year 7 - Mr A Brown

Year 8 - Ms G Lindsay


Year 9 - Miss A Cavaretta

Year 10 - Mrs R Riddell

Year 11 - Mrs S Crow

Year 12 - Mrs S Cope 




Mr D French

Mrs K Faulkner 

Manager: Mrs L Baldwin

Mrs S Maier

Mrs T Brownell

Mrs A Vidler

Mrs K De Vitis

Mrs J Parkinson

Head Teacher: Mr R Glassop

Mrs C Heggs

Mrs M Hunter

Mrs S Cope

Mr P Ribbons

Ms S Wright


English Faculty

HEC Faculty

Home Ecconomics and Computing Technologies

HSIE Faculty

Human Society and Its Environment

 Head Teacher: Mrs M Sloan

Mrs D Asquith

Ms E Boole

Ms J Gow

Mr M Hardy

Ms G Lindsay

Mrs A Nicol

Mrs L Panozza

Mrs R Riddell


Head Teacher: Mrs P Hicks

Mrs K Osborne

Miss T WIldschut

Mrs G Kovic

Mrs E Mepham

Mr A Brown

Mrs K Lambert

Head Teacher: Mr A Snowden

Miss B Allen

Ms E Carroll

Mrs K Faulkner

Ms C Gibson

Mrs D Lingard

Mrs M Lopez

Mr D Sowden

Mrs D Cairns

Mr D Clape 


IA Faculty

Industrial Art Technologies

Information Centre


Head Teacher: Mr M Honeywill

Mr M Greentree

Ms J Harding

Ms E Strong

Teacher Librarian: Ms H Cleary

Technical Support: Mrs J-M Copas

Information Centre Support: Mrs K Poole

Head Teacher: Mrs K Gallard

Mr C Bussey

Mr A de Beer

Ms P Fletcher

Mr W Ho

Mrs B Ryman

Mr M Toohey  




Special Education

Head Teacher: Mr C Maher

Mrs S Crow

Ms D Harvey

Mr T Swadling

Mr J Welch

Head Teacher: Mr A Ross

Mrs H Deacon

Ms C Lum

Ms C Martin

Mr D Smith

Ms V Woodbury

Mrs L Millward

Head Teacher: Mrs A Owen

Mrs D Hissey

Ms A Madden

Mrs J Martin

Mrs S Petersen

Ms D Gibson

Ms L Poole

Mrs D Summerville



Student Support


Mrs T Croker

Mrs R Grabham

Mrs N Schuberth

Mrs T Hancock

Mrs B Hosking

Mrs C Moore

Miss K Smith

Mrs J Wilson

Ms K Godfrey-Smith

Mrs K Irvine

Mrs E Young

Mrs K Willmot


Specialised Student Support

Counsellor: Mrs B Mittins

Counsellor: Mrs N Stephens

Hearing: Ms V Lewis

Vision: Mrs D Munro

SRE : Mr A Warner



General Assistant


Mr J Hales

Mr R Bone