Students - Learning and Support

Learning and Support Team

The Learning and Support Team (LST) at Cardiff High School is a whole school approach in which effective, coordinated planning is in place to identify and accommodate the specific learning and support needs of every student. The LST has a key role in developing the quality of the learning experience, each teacher’s capability and effective learning and support across the school.

The LST follows the learning and support framework established the by the Every Student, Every School policy. This framework forms the basis of the LST at Cardiff High School.

  • Curriculum - providing high quality learning experiences for students, with a focus on these learning experiences being rigorous, meaningful and dignified for every student,
  • Teaching and learning - having high expectations for every student and providing adjustments to support their additional learning needs,
  • Collaboration - working with parents, education colleagues and other professionals to develop and implement personalise learning and support for those students who have adjusted learning and support needs,
  • Teacher quality - professional learning for teachers and support staff, skilling our workforce to better understand and address the diverse learning and support needs of our students,
  • Accountability - meeting our obligations under the national Disability Standards for Education (2005) which is every teachers responsibility.