Students - Health

Parents of students who have ongoing or major health issues are encouraged to notify the school so that we can have health care plans established and communicated to staff. This ensures proper procedures are in place in case of emergency. If the health status, or medication changes, please notify the office immediately so plans can be adjusted.

If medication needs to be administered at school, please send to our First Aid staff in the office with specific directions. This will be administered according to directions at the office.

If students are injured at school or feel unwell, we ask that they present to the office staff where first aid is administered. We will make every effort to send students home who are unwell as that is the best place for them to receive the care they need.

If your student is injured (for example may be on crutches or arms in slings ) we as that they present to the Deputy so that an special pass can be organised which allows early departure from classes to avoid bumping in corridors or on stairs.

If students are unable to participate in PDHPE or sport due to an injury please notify the teacher in charge in writing.