Students - Student Representative Council


The Cardiff High School Student Representative Council (SRC) is a dedicated student-oriented body that represents the ideas and values of the whole school community.
Our mission is to:
- Represent and engage our student body by ensuring the interest and views of students are represented and addressed throughout the school.
- Promote student well-being
- Provide opportunities for students to develop skills in leadership and volunteering.
The SRC consists of 4 students (2 male, 2 female) from each year group. There are also two representatives selected by the Indigenous student body.
All members of the SRC are elected by their peers to represent their thoughts and opinions.
To stand for election, students must submit a short passage explaining why they should be a member of the SRC and what they will do to contribute.
The year groups then vote for their representatives.
SRC members attend regular meetings to discuss issues and make decisions in regards to student related activities.
The SRC actively participates in the organisation and running of many fundraising events throughout the school. Members contribute to school sports carnivals organisation and participate in the running of formal assemblies. 
The SRC is also involved in attending leadership conferences, such as the World Vision Youth Conference.  These experiences teach the students valuable leadership and organisational skills. 
Being part of the SRC is for students who wish to actively participate in the functioning of the whole school.
It is a commitment in which they can give the student body a voice.
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